Meditation Mist


Sacred Light, a soft aromatherapy mist, brightens the space for relaxation; calms and deepens your meditative experience. The exotic floral scent of Blue Lotus and soothing Chamomile is accented by delicate precious White Ginger blossom. The scent of sacred Lotus, symbol of purity and transformation, promotes kindness, forgiveness and spiritual growth. Chamomile supports inner peace and stability, White Ginger brings optimism to…

Uplift your spirit.
150 ml


The use of pure essential oils will deepen your meditation experience. The luxurious range of Kantu Sacred Mists are made for deep relaxation. Purity—Sacred Light—purifies the space for meditation or relaxation and raises the vibration of the room. A subtle aromatherapeutic mist, with precious essences of lotus, freshens the air and creates a sacred atmosphere. Wrap yourself in the cashmere soft mist to calm your mind and body.

Elegantly presented with a crystal pendant, Sacred Mists make an extra special gift to yourself or for your loved ones. The pendant can serve as a small charm to calm you and brighten your day long after the mist has been used up.

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