Pillow Mist


A calming, harmonising mist with a pure essential oil blend of comforting Lavender complemented with soothing tones of Chamomile, accentuated by high notes of the velvety rose bouquet of Geranium. Let your worries dissolve in a silky cloud of scent and find your inner peace. Your pillow will welcome you with a plush feeling of refuge…

Uplift your spirit.

150 ml


Healthy, refreshing sleep is essential for our well being. The luxurious range of Kantu Sacred Mists are made for deep relaxation. Serenity—Sacred Dream— is a calming mist that soothes your senses after a long day. Spray on your pillow and in the bedroom to create a serene atmosphere and to promote deep and refreshing sleep.

Elegantly presented with a crystal pendant, Sacred Mists make an extra special gift to yourself or for your loved ones. The pendant can serve as a small charm to calm you and brighten your day long after the mist has been used up.

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