Flower of Life.

In the Quechua language, Kantu is the name of a woman and it is also a sacred flower. This beautiful, vibrantly coloured flower—the flower of life according to ancient Quechua legend—symbolises life forces, forgiveness, harmony, mutual connection and love on this earth. It is a gift to mankind from Patchamama, the Earth Mother. MORE…

The spirit of joy,
and love.

Kantu respects and cultivates these values with its products and brings to your yoga practise joy, beauty and independent spirit.We offer nature’s most noblest gifts to you. All our ingredients are carefully handpicked and sourced from indigenous regions around the world to ensure the finest quality. In Kantu, every detail has a bearing on creating a harmonious product that has substance and a spirit of its own.

Our roots in homeopathy have taught us to value nature’s great bounty, and everything that Mother Earth can provide for us. Essential oils hold within them the pure lifeblood of the plant; it is a gift that opens up another dimension for us to enjoy.

Have you ever had the feeling, when you arrive in a special place, hear beautiful music, or detect a sweet fragrance, that transports you to a distant memory? In that moment, your heart opens up and sings…

This intention is what we bring to our products.


Kantu started as a gift to my beloved yoga teacher, as a personalised yoga mist. Requests from her students were coming in as to where they could also get some. In one deeply meditative savasana, on a yoga retreat in sweltering hot Egypt, this question transformed itself into an idea: the possibility to create a private, fragrant space on one’s mat. This gave life — after a long journey of study, experimentation and perfectioning — to Kantu products. All the bits and pieces connected there; the brand name Kantu was inspired by a personal story of women’s strength, love and spiritual power. I am very happy that I can now share this offering of wonderful Yoga Mist with everyone, and bring to you, as well, more joy to your yoga practice.

Jana Štumpová Konicarová

Let yourself be silently drawn to the strange pull of what you really love. It will not lead you astray.

Our Essence.


INTRODUCING THE ESSENCE OF KANTU—Kantu, deep and rich as the intense chocolate brown that represents it, is grounded in nature, with its vivid accent colours dancing like jewels in the night sky.

We do so many things in life, these days, because we have to—because it is good for us, good for our family, good for our health, it makes us look better, be


better than others, to overcome ourselves and to push our own boundaries… so many reasons.

But have we lost the joy of just doing something purely for its own sake, out of the enjoyment for ourselves and living fully in the moment? Kantu’s mission is to bring back this simple joy to life, and to…

Uplift your spirit.