Sacred Mist.


The luxurious range of Kantu Sacred Mists are made for deep relaxation and meditation. The use of pure essential oils will intensify your experience. Wrap yourself in cashmere soft mist to calm your mind and body. Purity—Sacred Light—purifies the space for meditation or relaxation and raises the vibration in the room. A subtle aromatherapeutic mist, with precious essences of lotus, it freshens the air and

creates a sacred atmosphere. Serenity—Pillow Mist—soothes your senses after a long day. Spray on your pillow and in the bedroom to create a calming atmosphere and promote deep and refreshing sleep. Elegantly presented with a crystal pendant—a small sparkling charm to attract positive energy and brighten your day—Sacred Mists make an extra special gift to yourself or for your loved ones.

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Let the waters settle.
You will see stars and moon mirrored in your Being.