This Grounding blend is suitable for those who are “flying in the clouds” and need a bit of grounding. Warm balsamic tones of wood will tranfer you to ancient temples and connect to Mother Earth, your higher Self and people around you. Warm woody tones of cedar wood and sandal wood are accentuated by soothing vetiver.

5 ml


Kantu Oil Blend – 100% pure esential oils for aroma lamp, amulets and diffusers. Fragrances your space and rids it of negative energy in a natural way. Ideal for refreshing the air and creating a wonderful ambience in yoga spaces, home or office. Pure, essential oils in the blend will give an energising boost to stale air. Cedar and precious sandal wood lend the room noble ambience and aid communication. Sandal wood has been used for centuries to promote courage, vetiver has soothing effect on nervous system. The aromatherapeutic properties of the oils create a sacred atmosphere of ancient temples, raise the vibrations in the room, ground you and… Uplift your spirit.

Serves as a refill oil for Amulet Durga (golden yellow colour)

The Blend

Contains 100% essential oils:

Lemongrass—detoxifying, energizing, uplifting, cleanser of the space and soul

Sweet Orange—bright, happy tones instantly evoking joy and opening the heart

Litsea Cubea—rejuvenating life force, inducing relaxation, mental clarity, livens up your day

  • Lemongrass
  • Sweet Orange
  • Litsea Cubea


Oil Blend—Put 6 to 12 drops into water in aroma lamp or diffuser.