LARGE Kinchaku Satchel


Roomy enough to hold your yoga outfit or the necessities for a day trip, this elegant and stylish large satchel will switch into evening mode as well.

The unique history of culturally rich fabrics lives on in Kinchaku satchels as they become part of your personal story, perhaps as a perfect gift for someone special in your life or for yourself. Endless colour and textile combinations make every Kantu Kinchaku satchel a one of a kind and as individual as you are.


size: L   30cm X 35cm

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Kinchaku — a unique drawstring satchel made from antique Japanese kimono fabric and other luxurious fabrics with a modern design approach that comes in three sizes. Each one is an original  and unique combination that can be used for gifting Kantu products as well as for your precious items—be it mala beads, yoga altar pieces, make up, etc. The large Kinchaku is a bag pack—ideal for carrying your yoga clothes or anything dear to your heart that deserves special care. Both sides are made up of different colour and material combinations, which makes it a versatile match with more outfits. The satchel easily fits into your bag, will keep items organised and… Uplift your spirit.


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Sunny yellow & teal, " Red& Chocolate Brown", " Pea green& Chocolate Brown", "Pink & Wine red", "Purple & Gold & Pink", Purple &emerald green, brown wine red, grey


Each piece in the Kantu Kinchaku Collection is inspired by traditional Japanese textiles and has a history—real silk fabric from an original Japanese kimono is used in the making of one. Kinchaku were typically worn with a kimono, which was given as a gift of great recognition and respect. The name is derived from two words, kin meaning “fabric” and chaku meaning “to put on”. Used to carry one’s essentials, bento lunch box and utensils around, the Kinchaku became an iconic Japanese fashion accessory from the Edo era through the Meiji period.


Hand wash in lukewarm water, mild soap.
Do not wring. Hang to dry.