Amulet GANGA


Inspired by Indian Goddess Ganga that is symbol of purity, movement forward, growth. Dissolves guilt and creates lightness of being. Useful for situations where we feel stuck and we need a new impulse in life and to support life progress.

Opal — love for simplicity.

Olivine — brings sole and body into harmony, dissolves guilt and supports new connections.

Symbolism: Plant — growth, rejuvenation and fertility.

dimensions: 4cm x 18cm


Decorative hanging diffuser that scents your home with the fragrance of pure essential oils. The wooden element is hand carved in legendary Rajasthan with ancient Indian symbology. The stones, colours, wood and scent together radiate positive energy, harmonising you and your space. Included in the package and price is a blend of pure essential oils. Choose with your intuition and hang it in your favourite spot at home or gift it for good luck…Uplift your spirit.