Aroma Bracelet SHIVA Limited Edition


Bracelet Shiva embodies awareness and male principles. Shiva is darkness, nothingness from which everything rises and everything returns to…Shiva protects from limitations and attachments in life. It energetically protects and brings to light the best in its owner. Lava stone is a grounding talisman protecting the wearer from negative energies. Two fragrances to choose from:

VERVE — light, fresh scent of Green Tea is balanced with dry, green Vetiver, and gently earthy and optimistic clary sage.


SPIRIT — enigmatic, exotic Saffron with sweet, balmy Sandalwood and warming Balsam Peru, enveloped by sexy Amber with a hint of vanilla to free the spirit, reminiscent of faraway lands.

Stretchy bracelet, male wrist size 20cm. Mineral beads 6mm. Silver beads Ag 925.

Essential oil blend 1ml, included in the price.

Possible to buy as a pair, Shakti & Shiva, for a special price.

size: 20cm circumference



Aroma bracelets to delight all the senses. The harmony of minerals coupled with the natural fragrance of pure essential oils helps you reconnect with nature and your own inner beauty. Enjoy the scent of your favourite essential oils on the go throughout the day and…
Uplift your spirit.


Place 1-2 drops of essential oil blend on Rudraksha bead. Refresh scent by adding few drops of oil.

Care Tip:
Before first wearing the bracelet, wash thoroughly under running water to rid it of any negative energies it may have absorbed on its way to you. Let dry. For best harmonising effect, allow the minerals and silver components of the bracelet to charge up in the sun or moonlight for a few minutes.

Limited offer — when purchased as a pair, Shiva & Shakti bracelets during May, you will get one extra essential oil blend of your choice for free.

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Clarity, Euforia, Let Go, Purity, Spirit, Verve

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