Yoga Shala.

Shala is a Sanskrit word meaning home.
A Yoga Shala is a place of yoga; a gathering place for students of yoga to practice, to share experience and grow. The new Kantu Yoga Shala Collection is designed to make this space even more enjoyable by creating a wonderful atmosphere with a combination of pure essential oils. The Yoga Shala Collection in two new fragrances
comes in the form of Room Spray and as pure essential Oil Blend, to energise and invigorate your home—be it a home for yoga practice, office or living space. All products are pure and natural, using only the highest quality 100% essential oils.


Scent guides us throughout our entire life. Scents are speedily accepted by our brain—the aroma molecules enter via inhalation into our blood stream, circulate, and affect our whole organism. They can influence our emotion, attune our thinking, invigorate our tired mind and body, release stress, stimulate brain activity, reduce pain and a lot more. And above all, they put us in touch with the wisdom of nature.

Invite fresh, fragrant air into your space! Recall that wonderful feeling of practicing yoga in the open air on a yoga retreat—smelling the aromatic, intense air rich with the scents of juicy local greenery, or, feeling the gentle breeze at the seaside carrying the fragrance of nearby herbs growing in the warm sun? The new Yoga Shala Collection brings these memories into reality every time you practice.

The Room Spray and Oil Blend set will cleanse your room of bad energy & stale air and will give a quick, fresh boost whenever needed. Essential oils used in the collection disinfect the air & prevent the spread of germs making it highly beneficial to use in spaces shared by many people. The antibacterial and antifungal properties make your space not only wonderfully fresh & clean smelling but more healthy, as well.

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