Yoga Mist.

Kantu Yoga Mist is an all natural fine mist for your yoga mat. It creates a personal fragrant space for your practice, in which the aromatherapy of pure essential oils work to enhance your breathing, open your senses, to elevate your mood and uplift your spirit.

Choose a scent from three varieties that corresponds best to your current needs, mood or state of mind, whether it be to slow down from a hectic day, to recharge and fill your heart with joy, or to tap into your Higher Self and nurture a deeper connection with those around you.

Each blend contains pure essential oils of the highest quality and serves not only as your personal fragrance but its highly practical antibacterial and antiseptic properties ensure your mat is always fresh and ready for deep inhales. You begin every practice with a clean slate, with no trace of the previous session.

  K A N T U — Yoga products that are Czech at heart with the spirit of the best the world has to offer.  




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A lightweight and unbreakable bottle makes it easy to throw Kantu Yoga Mist into your yoga bag. At the same time, the professional food grade coated aluminium ensures the best environment to keep pure essential oils at their optimum for the longest possible time—no harmful sunrays, no plastic dissolving into your mist or interacting with

the oils. And from every bottle sold, we generate financial aid to provide yoga therapy for victims of domestic violence; to help them rise above a difficult situation, One Breath at a Time. As our thanks, we offer you a Kantu blessing: a red bracelet with every bottle…





Sense of smell is strongly linked with emotion — it is a magical time machine. The right aroma can evoke such a powerful,
whole body sensation that we are instantly moved through time, back into our memory. It is the quickest of the senses, as the
function of smell is embedded deep within the brain’s limbic system, where emotions are born and stored. It is, as well, the
longest lasting kind of memory; the sense of smell has more power than any of our other senses. Current scientific studies are
proving that by incorporating smell into an experience we can live it more intensely and also recall the moments more vividly.
That is our intention for your yoga practice.
















There is a voice that does not use words. Listen.