Aroma bracelets.


Kantu aroma bracelets are designed to delight all the senses and are available in three styles. The harmony of precious minerals coupled with the natural fragrance of pure essential oils will help you reconnect with nature and your own inner beauty. Now you can enjoy the scent of your favourite essential oils throughout the day. Just place a couple of drops of essential oil blend on the Rudraksha bead and you're ready to go.

The Shakti bracelet, created with rose quartz, crystal, rudraksha and silver, is inspired by the feminine creative force and Shakti energy that are thought to move through the entire universe and embodies the strengths and nobility of the Divine Feminine.

The Sattva bracelet is inspired by one of three gunas found in Hindu philosophy and is composed of grounding lava stone, calming tourmaline and harmonising crystal. The name Sattva means light, goodness and purity and also expresses the emotional and mental state where our mind is at peace.

Made with lava stone beads, the Shiva bracelet embodies awareness and masculine principles, and serves as a talisman protecting its wearer from negative energies. Shiva is darkness, nothingness from which everything rises and everything returns to. Shiva protects from limitations and attachments in life, and energetically protects and brings to light the best in its owner.

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  • sattva.

    rose quartz, crystal,
    rudraksha & silver
    lava stone, hematite,
    rudraksha & silver
    lava stone, tourmaline, crystal,
    rudraksha & silver

  • shiva.

  • shakti.


    LET GO • Lavender, Balsam Fir & Nard
    relaxing, releases old patterns & worries, strengthens self confidence
    VERVE • Clary Sage, Vetiver & Green Tea
    delicate, refreshing scent, boosts enthusiasm, gives clarity
    CLARITY • Clary Sage, Grapefruit & Palmarosa • helps see things clearly, connects to intuition & inner wisdom


    PURITY • Blue Lotus & White Ginger
    calming, sacred floral scent for meditation, spiritual growth, opens internal wisdom
    EUFORIA • Neroli & Ylang Ylang
    noble, feminine scent opens up the heart, a natural aphrodisiac
    SPIRIT • Saffron, Sandalwood & Cardamon
    warming scent, opens up the heart,
    gives courage


Discover the oil blend and bracelet that best fits your nature