Czech ELLE loves Kantu

And Kantu loves ELLE. This is what contributing editor Klára had to say about Kantu’s new Yoga Mist:

I came across my Discovery of the Week thanks to a friend of mine—a long time yoga practitioner, who not only loves yoga but all things beautiful, functional and original. At our last class, she brought out an elegantly designed silver and brown bottle, lightly sprayed her mat with it and so enjoyed an entire hour of exercise in an amazing pleasantly scented mist. As I soon discovered, it wasn’t just about the fragrant effect. Kantu Yoga Mist, a scented mist based on essential oils, also has antibacterial properties that keep your yoga mat clean during your practise. Still, the main draw is its aromatherapeutic benefit. Joy (a citrusy blend) has an overall energizing effect. It unravels emotions and stiff muscles. Oneness (with cedar and sandalwood) reinforces inner strength and awareness. And Tranquility (a gentle floral bouquet) will calm, harmonize and improve your concentration. Although my yoga practise is a little sporadic, I’ve found Kantu Yoga Mist quite useful — it not only works on yoga mats but also on any standard fitness mat, and I have a feeling that I do a lot more stomach crunches when I’m in my fragrant cloud. :-)

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