Marianne—not only for yoga lovers

Marianne Health: „The Kantu brand specialises in cosmetics that work on all the senses. Their wonderful Warm Yoga Balm has a heating effect—and along with the scent of cinnamon—it contains chilli, which improves blood flow, warming and soothing aching muscles. More at”

zdraví nejen pro jogínky

Marianne, January 2016

Elle—cosmetics for yoga

Elle Beauty: „With Kantu ( mists or massage balms, your yoga classes will suddenly become much more beautiful and intense. These cosmetics were developed by professional homeopath and yogi, Jana Štumpová Konicarová, so…

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Monika Koblížková—clever tips for yogis in Story

Story Beauty & Fashion: „If you practise yoga, then you’ll definitely love these clever products: Kantu Yoga Mist—pure, all natural aromatherapy mist for your mat, and Kantu Yoga Balm—a natural, smooth massage gel with a high concentration of healing herbs, to soothe muscles and kickstart your yoga practice.”

Joy loves Joy

Joy  Fit Top List: „Aromatherapeutic mist for your mat will make your yoga practice an even more intense experience. The Joy scent—an uplifting citrus blend—gets bonus points from us. Available at”

časopis Joy o Kantu

Kantu in Joy magazine

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