Yoga Mist

CALMING. Promotes meditative consciousness; slowing racing thoughts, providing better focus and clarity of mind. The fresh light bouquet with muted floral balsamic notes purifies senses and allows you to settle into your heart.



B l e n d

Contains the spiritual and precious essential oil of Myrrh, with calming Lavender and a hint of Eucalyptus to open up breathing passages inspiring slow, deep breathing; complemented by an undertone of exotic floral and woody oils to evoke sense of security and peace.

D i r e c t i o n s

To get the most of your Yoga Mist, shake well and spray on mat before practice. This product is tested and safe to use on all yoga mats. The mist will not interfere with the surface grip of your mat.


150 ml   390, Kč
OR Gift Set of 3 fragrances 1100, Kč