Yoga Mist

GROUNDING. Woody, warm balsamic notes take you to the mysterious depths of ancient places of worship, ground you to Mother Earth and allow you to connect to your Higher Self on a deeper level — you feel stronger, more confident, while reaching out for connection with those around you.



B l e n d

This earthy blend of predominantly Cedar and precious Sandalwood is accented by spicy tones. King Solomon built his temple from Cedarwood — this essential oil imparts courage, stabilizes your mind and renews your sense of spirituality, while the complementary oils, used for mediation and prayer, soothe nervous tension, calm irritability and help you to unwind.

D i r e c t i o n s

To get the most of your Yoga Mist, shake well and spray on mat before practice. This product is tested and safe to use on all yoga mats. The mist will not interfere with the surface grip of your mat.


150 ml   390, Kč